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Hi, I'm Ray Hong.
who am I
Short Research Statement
Ray Hong I am a PhD student in the department of HCDE (Human Centered Design and Engineering), College of Engineering, at the University of Washington. My research is situated in the fields of human computer interaction (HCI) and information visualization. Among many interesting topics, I am especially passionate about visualizing large, complex data sets and presenting them to the user in an engaging and user-centered way. We are living in the age of data, surrounded by information of unprecedented quantity and complexity. These data have the huge potential to support and benefit people in everyday life, but researchers and users alike are challenged by the difficulty of visualizing complex data within limited space or interpreting the visualization itself. In my research I aspire to invent novel visualization interfaces that overcome these barriers. The goal of my research is to pursue a better understanding of the following topics:
  • Visualization interface design
  • Methods for engaging users with visualization tools
  • Methods for handling complex data in large volumes
  • Methods for collecting, refining, and structuring data for visualization
Full research statement is available upon request.
I am advised by Dr. Cecilia R. Aragon and I am a member of her Human-Centered Data Science (HDS) Lab. I also closely work with astonishing collaborators such as Jevin D. West (Assistant professor, UW iSchool), Julie Kientz (Associate professor, UW HCDE), Jin Ha Lee (Assistant Professor, UW iSchool), Alexis Hiniker (Ph.C., HCDE), Yea-Seul Kim (Master, HCDE), Nan-Chen Chen (Ph.D. student, HCDE) and Michael Brooks (Ph.C., HCDE). Before I joined the University of Washington, I worked at Samsung as a user interface researcher and engineer. There I developed first-hand experience with research and product commercialization. I am an ardent believer in the power of collaboration and I am always seeking great collaborators. You can reach me via e-mail (rayhong AT uw DOT edu), Facebook, and LinkedIn.
Research Keywords
  • HCI: User-centered Design, User Interface Design, Qualitative and Quantitative User Research
  • Information Visualization: Metaphor, Visual Metaphor, Cartogram, Network Visualization, Hierarchical Visualization
  • "VIZMO Game Browser: Accessing Video Games by Visual Style and Mood" got accepted at SIGCHI2015 conference. (3rd, Jan. 2015)
  • Traffigram project got awarded $50,000 from the University of Washington, Center for Commercialization. (7th, Nov. 2014)
Sungsoo (Ray) Hong | rayhong at uw dot edu | University of Washington